Thursday, February 21, 2013

Singing Hine Ma Tov the Other Day

A question:

What would happen if the One-Law leaders had a meeting with the UMJC?

It would be interesting wouldn't it?  A chance for both sides to voice their grievances.  Ah, but I'm dreaming!  We have opposing goals... 

I'll tell ya, the thing that irks me most about the Exclusionists--more than the exclusionism itself--is the fact that they don't preach the Gospel.  My wife attended UMJC longer than almost anyone in the organization and she can attest to this as well.  So why then do I even want to seek reconciliation with such a group? 

I keep thinking about the song Hine Ma Tov (LINK).  My wife had this cd of the Russian Messianic group New Jerusalem and they were singing it.  As my wife and I sang it together, I couldn't help but long for an end to the hostilities.  But how can it end when they are the ones calling for segregation of Jews and Gentiles?  They explicitly do not want such unity.  They want "distinctive callings" and "separate institutions" for Jews and Gentiles. 

It would indeed be pleasing if brothers could dwell TOGETHER in unity...and that includes the adopted brothers from among the Gentiles! 


  1. Peter, I share your feelings.

    Considering that the mystery of the good news is described in Ephesians 2 and 3 as unity between Jew and Gentile, it makes you wonder why BE even pretends to be about the good news.

  2. Because they believe that "fellow heirs" means that the Jews are more fellow and the gentiles are less heirs....LOL!

  3. Look at the MJAA which is more or less purely motivated to share the gospel to Jews, the idea of Torah observance is not a goal or purpose in their organization... then look at the UMJC, they actually do have a goal for Torah Observance, and not evangelism, or you could say they want evangelism but not the handing out gospel notes, they want to hopefully reintegrate into the non-Messianic Jewish community and hope that it produces a form of evangelism, through friendships.

    Then you have One Law proponents, who want it all... :P If we take the scriptures as what God has said, then we have to conclude it is actually in the foolish nation that the Jews are provoked, it is God's doing... that is not to say that Messianic Jews won't be successful, as many have and many hopefully will continue to, but the biggie will be the fools... at least that is what Deut 32 says, so the denial of the fools, is not going to help this progress, lets get this show on the road, stir up the foolish nation to follow Torah and we have a party on our hands... :D

    1. Very true, brother. Reminds me:

      1 Cor. 14:21 "In the Law it is written: "Through men of strange tongues and through the lips of foreigners I will speak to this people, but even then they will not listen to me," says the Lord."

  4. "then look at the UMJC, they actually do have a goal for Torah Observance..."

    Really?!? Do we know this because we see it in action or is it just their words?

    1. Well, I think the leaders have a vision for it, but on the ground level the congregations are all over the place...

      Have you seen their new book titled:

      "An Introduction to Messianic Judaism"

      Peter, posted a link to roshpinaproject's website where Joseph does a review of the book, a few points in the book point to Messianic Judaism being more than simply an evangelistic movement but also a Torah observant movement, at least that seems to be what they want even if they are not their yet.

  5. According to FFOZ (their president) God gave the apostles the authority to change the Torah. Take a listen...
    His comment is at about 56 minutes in....

    Really? Is that what Acts 15 is all about? Changing the Torah?
    Their are two very long interview with FFOZ and GLC...

    In the other interview FFOZ compare what they are doing to be innovators.... They say it is going to take time for the new definitions to be accepted... Very interesting to hear their take on what they are doing and the excitement of GLC...

    1. I wasn't aware of that site. Thank you for the link, brother. While it does sadden me, I'm glad to have the information.