Monday, February 11, 2013

Discussion Question

I would like for someone to explain something to me.  If G-d requires repentance before He'll forgive someone, should we also require repentance before we forgive?  And that word--forgiveness-we throw it around so much.  What does it really mean?  Is forgiveness the same as conflict-resolution?  If so, what if the offender refuses conflict resolution process---does that by definition exclude the possibility of forgiveness.

Someone explain this to me.


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    1. Yes, but what is your take on that passage. Do you read it saying that repentance is a prerequisite to forgiveness?

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    1. I love this guy! Doesn't waste any words! : )

  3. Good question. First, it would be wise to really verify that God requires repentance before he forgives. I've always believed that, but I guess I don't *know* what Scripture says it.

    Some time ago, Dr. Schiffman wrote that forgiveness isn't necessarily forgetting. It's an act that shows you love the person enough to look past the offense and move on. I like that definition.

    1. "Forgiveness is saying you value the person more than the offense", I think was the jist of it.