Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Dangers of Trying to Prove G-d's Existence

Ever tried to convince a skeptic that G-d exists?  Such a conversation is likely to proceed as follows:

Theist:  We know that G-d exists because of the design of the universe.  Design implies designer.  Therefore, that Designer is G-d.

Atheist:  But can you rule out that the designer wasn't just a process of unguided, natural selection?

Theist:  Umm... Well, how about the astronomical improbability that even the simplest self-replicating single-cell organism spontaneously came into existence--doesn't that prove to you that G-d must've created that first life on earth?

Atheist:  Improbable means that it will certainly occur given enough time.


There is no way to "prove" the existence of G-d.  Yes, I'm familiar with Acquinas' arguments.  St. Anselm.  I've read the modern guys too.  My brother gave me Plantinga's "Where the Conflict Really Lies."  No one has presented an unassailable argument for the existence of G-d. 

But, you say, the heavens and earth declare the glory of HaShem?  Yes, they do.  But do they, by themselves, prove His existence?  Or could it be that G-d imparts the gift of faith to whom He will? 

Am I suggesting that reason can never support faith?  Not at all.  There are instances when science and logic will support faith.  But you will never build a stable faith upon mere reason. 

Our G-d, the Hidden G-d, doesn't make it that easy for us. 

We'll talk more about this later... I have to run.

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