Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Just Sent an Email to My Old Reform Rabbi

I was blessed to spend many wonderful years in a small town Reform synagogue and learn from a terrific Rabbi--it seems like a lifetime ago.  Oh, what a teacher he was (and still is)!  On erev Shabbat we would sing songs and he would play his guitar and the spirit of Shabbat would permeate the entire place---it was a beautiful thing.  Perhaps I'll do a video sometime and sing a song for you, dear reader.  I'm actually trying to teach my three year old daughter to sing with me.  I want to sing a duet of "Ma Yafe Hayom" with her.  I love that song so much.  It brings peace to my heart whenever I sing it.

Anyway, what prompted me to email my old rabbi was that he once sang this old Yiddish tune for Sukkot.  I'm trying to get the lyrics for you.  I can't find it online at all if you can believe that!  It's called Moshe Rabbeinu.  As I was telling the rabbi, it's the song that (I believe) brought me and my wife together.  You see I was playing it on the piano at a certain Messianic shul and my wife was outside the sanctuary doors listening.  And so we discovered more about each other's love for music.

So I'm hoping that the rabbi will remember that song.  It's so beautiful and so authentically Yiddish.  When I play it in my head I sometimes improvise it a bit because if I have one complaint it's that the song is too short.

I don't suppose anyone out there has heard this song before?  If so, message me through the Contact tab at the top of the screen.


  1. If you type either of these two on Youtube, you might be able to find it:

    משה רבנו יידי


    משה רבנו שיר

    I don't know what the song originally sounds like, so maybe you can find it among those...

  2. Moshe Rabbenu - it doesn't also go by the name A Sudenyu, does it?

    1. No, but that looks like a cool site.