Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Marriage "Licenses" and America's Anti-Miscegenation Laws

Do you know why your state requires you to obtain a marriage license?

I learned some interesting things during my law school days.  It turns out that the reason for the license was simple:  legalized racism.

Ever heard about the anti-miscegenation laws?  This is real--you can look it up:  America used to ban interracial marriages and the way this was enforced was requiring licenses which specified the race of the marriage applicants.

Naturally, these laws were later deemed unConstituional.

But yet we still have the licenses...  Hmm...

My opinion is that Adam and Eve didn't need a marriage license and neither should anyone else.  This is a religious matter and government should stay out.

But, instead, government has decided to regulate a religious institution.  So now we have legalized gay marriage, etc.

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