Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Can Anyone Recommend Good Jewish Children's Books?

I'm looking for children's story collections that reinforce the good traits and proper values.  Does anyone have any recommendations?

I might just go ahead and write some children's stories myself, maybe using talking animals, that teach the following Jewish character traits/values:

Ahavat Yisrael (Love of Israel)

Tzniut (Modesty, Inner Beauty)

Chesed (Kindness)

Chochmah (Wisdom)

Daat (Knowledge)

Dan l'Chaf Zechut (Give the benefit of the doubt)

Derech Eretz (Civility)

Dibuk Chaverim (Cleaving to friends)

Din v'Rachamim (tempering justice with mercy)

Eino Machazik Tova l'Atzmo (Refraining from taking personal credit for what is good)

Emet (truthfulness)

Emunah (faith)

Erech Apayim (being slow to anger)

Hachnasat Orchim (being hospitable)

Hakarat haTov (seeing the good in others)

Kavod (being respectful)

Kedusha (being holy, set apart from the ways of the nations)

Kehillah (valuing community, particularly Jewish community)

Kibbud Av v'Em (Honor your father and your mother)

Lo Maygis Libo B'Talmudo (Don't be arrogant with the things you know)

Lo Tachmod (don't covet)

Ma'asim Tovim (Do good deeds)

Ma'amido al haEmet (Set others on the path of truth)

Ma'amido al haShalom (Set others on the path of shalom)

Machrio l'Chaf Zechut (Influence others to be virtuous)

Malachah (be industrious, never idle)

Machrio l'Chaf Zechuf (Judge others favorably)

Michshol Lifnei Iver (don't place stumbling blocks in front of the blind)

Miyut Sichah (minimize small talk)

Miyut Ta'anug (minimize worldly pleasures)

Nedivut (be generous)

Ohev et haTz'dakot (love for charitable deeds)

Ohev et haMaysharim (love of being straightforward)

Ohev et haTzadakot (love righteous ways)

Rachamim (compassion)

Shmirat haGuf (take care of your body)

Simchah (happiness)

Tikkun Olam (repairing/healing the world, ushering in the Moshiach)

Tochechah (rebuke those who are sinning so that you will not bear their sin)

Tzarchei Tzibbur (respond to the community's needs)

Yirat HaShem/ Yirat Shamayim (showing reference at all times for G-d in Heaven)

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  1. yes good childrens colton burpo.....heaven is for real......was on new your times best a young boy who is a minister now...he is 14.......I bought several and gave them out for English...and Spanish to mexico...for the kids......Ronnie