Saturday, June 22, 2013

First Friday Shabbat and Beyond!

We need to have a series of intermediate steps, bridging Christian spheres of influence with Messianic spheres of influence.


We've been going to a First Friday Shabbat event at a local Baptist church.  This is brilliant--having it once a month--because Christians have started hosting their own Shabbat fellowships in the interim!  They just can't wait a whole month!  For example, a lady at this past First Friday Shabbat invited us to the Shabbat fellowship at her house last night.

It turns out that this is not a UMJC thing or a FFOZ thing (in fact, the people who run this have left their local UMJC synagogue).  It has nothing to do with denomination.  It seems to be, as they say, a "G-d thing".  That's the expression people are using to describe it.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend the fellowship last night but my wife and daughter went and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It has actually plugged us into yet ANOTHER fellowship group.

PROPOSAL:  Test out the First Friday Shabbat approach for yourself.  See if it leads to home-fellowship groups.

Who knows?  Maybe home-fellowship groups will lead to larger institutions:

(1) Congregations

(2) Community Centers (have you all visited Jewish Community Centers?  They're amazing!  We could eventually make Messianic Community Centers!  Eventually...)

(3) Yeshivot (we already have a great one with Torah Resource!)

(4) Conventions to establish documents for the movement (e.g. core values of the Inclusionist Movement).  This will happen soon.


G-d is bringing people out of church.  He's using Messianics to do it.  And like it took many years to take the Egyptian out of the Israelite, it may take many years to take the Christian out of the Messianic.

But I'm up for it!!!  And I know you are too!

Hakahal Chukah Achat! (Numbers 15:15)

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