Monday, June 24, 2013

When Is It Okay to Compromise on Kashrut In Order to Fellowship With Other Believers?

You're at a family cookout and other members of the family are not Messianic.  Someone brings you a plate with unkosher meat on it.  What do you do?

You're at the wednesday night meal at church and the meal consists of unkosher meats.  What do you do?

Do we "dig in" for the sake of fellowship and not offending anti-Judaic Christian sensibilities?  Or do we abstain and risk people thinking we're a "Pharisee"?

When is it permissible to compromise?  And when does compromising cause us to become compromised?



  1. You don't compromise... it's that simple.

    These are not life and death things and it is far more important that you live a life holy unto the Lord than that we defile ourselves to fit in.

    you will find that most friends and family will be more than happy to accommodate you so long as you tell them before the fact.

    As far as church functions go... you either eat what you can and leave the rest or, if that is not an option, you go hungry. remember that you are going hungry for God and He will bless you for your righteousness.

    1. I should mention though that people have different opinions as to what constitute "kosher." Maybe there should be some flexibility with the more stringent rabbinic rules?

      I agree though that we shouldn't compromise on something as fundamental as the prohibition of unclean animals.