Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Some Thoughts About Today's Supreme Court Decisions on Gay Marriage

On the cases themselves, I feel nothing.  The government has intruded into the religious sphere by regulating marriage in the first place, something it never had the right to do.  So it doesn't matter to me that the Supreme Court has now opened the floodgates for gay marriage in this country.  Also, gay marriage was already legal in a large number of states.

G-d is judging America; and I feel in my heart that America's fate has already been sealed.

Think about it: our government (by the People) has legalized the murdering of babies.  Giving government sanction to gay marriage pales in comparison to the evil of scalding babies with saline solution or picking them apart, limb from limb, and even killing them in the open, severing their tiny neck vertebrae with surgical scissors.

Does anyone still doubt that we're in the End Times?

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