Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Jews in Church

So in the past few days, visiting a local church, I've encountered a large--even inordinate--number of Jews.

It's not surprising because G-d always draws me to wherever they are.  This happened during college a number of times.  Back then I handed out a lot of copies of Stern's "Restoring the Jewishness of the Gospel."

So as I'm encountering Jews in Church, I'm trying to (1) ascertain why they're there; (2) if they need help getting back to Judaism.

Does it sound odd that I'm doing this?  To me it is second-nature.  I don't want them to assimilate into Christianity.

Unfortunately, due to the sensitive nature of these encounters, I can't really say anything more about them at this time.  I will say though that I love these people.  One is already a close friend.  Another seems like he'll be a very close friend--I'll be fellowshipping with this individual throughout the week.

Only one of them knows that we're Messianic and completely understands us.  Another individual, with whom I'll be fellowshipping throughout the week, doesn't know yet about our Theological position and movement affiliation.  And this might be problematic because he seems to be deeply rooted in Protestant theology.  Very deeply rooted.

Fortunately, Yeshua blessed me with a special skill set.  But, dear readers, please give me some prayer support this week!  And pray for hearts to be open to the Ruach even at the risk of paradigm shifts!

 Also, G-d is several steps ahead of me as He has created a non-UMJC Messianic fellowship IN THIS VERY CHURCH!  So now I have an alternative community to which I can direct them, a Messianic sphere of influence right there in the midst of the Christians.

G-d is awesome!!!

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