Thursday, June 13, 2013

Compromise or Compromised? When Compromise is Helpful and When It is Harmful

With any issue you have to evaluate the stakes.  If the stakes are low then compromise is a good option in order to get along with someone.  A low-stake issue is something like "should we go to the Italian restaurant or to the Mexican restaurant?"  No big deal.

But obviously if the stakes are high then you really need to be careful.  It could be something like, "Should I go on the overnight business trip with my female accountant?"  Well, if your female accountant is not your wife then that's a bad idea.  Compromising on morals is usually a bad idea, right?  Another example:  should Israel compromise with its Land?  Land for "peace"?  NO.

Recently, a commenter suggested that the Inclusionists (e.g. Torah Resource, TNN Online) and the Exclusionists (FFOZ/UMJC) just find some common ground and get along--basically compromise.  If we were arguing over the color of wallpaper for a bedroom then I'd say "sure, let's compromise."  But since the false teachings of FFOZ/UMJC send people to hell, compromise is just not an option.


  1. Peter,

    Take a look at this article:

    My intention is to help expand perspective and give a few other concepts to help define what is going on in this crazy "movement."

    Apart from their (Bowen, Friedman, etc) continued references to man evolving, many concepts presented in this article and the books referenced are helpful.


  2. Shalom..

    Is there any additional information regarding the "mass exodus" of people from the UMJC? Relevant FACTS would be appreciated and are critical for fair and accurate understanding.


    1. To be clear: I'm not trying to prove that an exodus is occurring. It's just something that all the local Messianics in my city are witnessing and commenting on--even certain Christian pastors have taken notice.

      And when I say "local" I'm talking about the UMJC synagogues in my state. I get reports from several different congregations.

      The other thing about mass exoduses... Back in 2005 or thereabouts, there was a big UMJC congregation that split in half (this of course happens all the time). The congregation was still growing and eventually replenished its numbers. Nevertheless, a mass exodus DID occur at that congregation. I mention this story to illustrate how difficult it is to observe these types of phenomena; one usually is forced to rely on anecdotal evidence.