Saturday, June 8, 2013

Mass Exodus from the UMJC in Progess

So for the past several months I've been hearing about how the Spirit has departed the UMJC--or at least certain congregations.  I'd heard this from a number of sources.

But this past Friday I heard some more details about it--and from people who've been in the UMJC for decades.  I'm not going to go into the details here.  HOWEVER, I will say that I'm seeing that this mass-exodus is producing several positive things:

(1) greater unity between Christians and Messianics, rooted in a love for the state of Israel and the Jewish People;

(2) Shabbat fellowships that meet from house to house (several ladies my wife knows invited us to up-coming gatherings).

So thanks for your prayers.  G-d is definitely working behind the scenes.  As always, I don't understand the scope of what's happening.  But I see that things are happening.  And...that we're not alone.


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