Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Is Unclean Meat Really Safe? Medical Doctor Don Colbert vs. Derek Leman

"Pork is not more dangerous to your health than beef,"  --Derek Leman
[from:  http://www.derekleman.com/musings/noah-and-the-clean-and-unclean-animals-issue/
Derek seems to know an awful lot about human health....but does he know as much as medical doctor?  

Let's get a second opinion:

In "What Would Jesus Eat?", Don Colbert, M.D., begins by explaining the difference between clean and unclean meats:

"Animals that chew their cud are known as ruminants....By having these four chambers, ruminants are able to eliminate bacteria, toxins, parasites, and other vermin that might otherwise end up as part of the animal's flesh," pg. 13, ibid.

So a non-ruminant animal such as a pig will often have bacteria, toxins, parasites and "other vermin" in its flesh:

"I disagree [that pork is safe to eat].  Pigs eat enormous amounts of food, and this dilutes the hydrochloric acid in a pig's stomach.  This in turn allows toxins, viruses, parasites, and bacteria to be absorbed into the animal's flesh,"

He goes on to say,

"...swine are also extremely filthy animals.  They will eat garbage, feces, and even decaying flesh.  Pigs readily harbor parasites including Trichinella, the pork tapeworm, and toxoplasmosis....Aside from the diseases routinely carried by swine, pork is also a very fatty meat.  The toxins in pork are held especially in the fat..."

So let's review the evidence:

(1) Derek Leman offers no evidence but preaches that pork is safe to eat;

(2) A board-certified medical doctor has presented scientific evidence that pork is dangerous to eat.

I'll leave it to the readers to decide who is more credible.  

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