Thursday, July 11, 2013

Blessing the Walmart (a Story)

So last night a man told me this story:

While waiting in a check out line at Walmart, a little lady accidentally cut in front of him and quickly apologized.  "That lane over there will actually be quicker," he told her.  She thanked him and left.

And that's when the Holy Spirit told him to pay for her groceries.

So he left his lane, and proceeded down the long row of Walmart check out lanes in search of the little lady.  When he located her, he offered to assist with the bagging of the groceries and explained that he'd be paying for them.  She politely declined, he insisted.  "At least let me pay you fifty dollars," she said.  He refused, smiling.

So she thanked him for the kind gift and left.  Then, as he returned to get his groceries, he thought, "Well, I really messed that up!  I should've explained to her why I was doing that!  Now, I'm the one getting the glory instead of Jesus..." and so he prayed, "L-rd, please let me run into her again so I can explain to her!"

But he didn't really expect to see her again.

So he pushed his cart outside to the parking lot.  Lo and behold, who should he run into?  

"I'm so glad to run into you again!" he said to her.  "I wanted to tell you the reason why I bought your groceries.  I felt like Jesus wanted me to do this for you so that you'd know that he loves you!"

And that's when things got interesting...

"I should probably tell you that my husband and I are Jewish..." she began.  "But it's funny you should mention Jesus.  As it happens, our son became a Christian just this past month.  I can't wait to tell him about you!"

And so they parted ways again for the last time (or so they thought).

My friend returned to his car and began to load the groceries into his trunk when the little lady approached...

Now, if you haven't seen a Walmart parking lot before--THEY'RE ENORMOUS!  Yet, out of that vast sea of parking spaces, guess where the little lady had parked?

Right next to my friend!

Glory to G-d who gives signs to His People!

Anyway, thought I'd share this story to encourage you, dear reader, to follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit.  I say this to myself as well!  

May G-d give us the ability to hear Him and to be obedient!

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