Monday, July 29, 2013

Derek Leman Calls Bible a Fraud, Gets Promoted Within UMJC to Chair the Education Committee

As everyone who reads Derek's blog knows, he has stated that the evidence for the Documentary Hypothesis [DH] is "overwhelming" and has promoted the Friedman model of DH as being the best developed understanding (see:

What's the harm in that, you ask?

The harm is that Derek is now promoting a liberal approach to the Bible that says:

(1) the Bible is not supernatural;

(2) the historical record in the Bible is fraudulent.

These are core tenets of DH.

And the Friedman model of DH holds to the consensus view of DH:

"...the [Documentary Hypothesis] continues to be the starting point of research, no serious student of the Bible can fail to study it, and no other explanation of the evidence has come close to challenging it," pg. 28 of Who Wrote the Bible? by Friedman.


"To a large extent, I defend the model [of Documentary Hypothesis] that has developed as the consensus of investigators in the last few centuries," pg. 32.

 Thus, the Friedman model is merely a slight variation on DH.

So what does DH teach?  Here's my paraphrasing of Livingston:

(1) The Bible fraudulently claims that Moses wrote the Pentateuch;

(2) The Patriarchs were not real people;

(3) The Pentateuchal history of Israel is fraudulent;

(4) None of the people in the Pentateuch were monotheistic--this whole idea is a fraud.  It was the post-exilic priests who fraudulently made the Patriarchs and Israelites appear to be monotheistic;

(5) All claims in the Pentateuch that God acted redemptively and miraculously on behalf of Israel are fraudulent.


So after promoting heresy, you'd think that Derek would be kicked off the rabbinical council for the UMJC, right?  You'd think the UMJC would disavow him, right?

No, they promoted him.

He is now in charge of the UMJC's education committee.  Let me say that again:  they put him in charge of EDUCATING!!!

This is like a bad dream!

Has the entire UMJC gone over to Satan???


Oh, and I should also mention, who was Derek's buddy at this UMJC conference in which Derek received his promotion?  Why Boaz Michael of course!  For anyone who still likes FFOZ, you need to understand that they are in bed with the UMJC.  FFOZ isn't speaking out against Derek's heresy anymore than the UMJC.  They have a symbiotic relationship with the UMJC.

Are you angry yet?  If you're not angry then you're not paying attention.


  1. People should not be under any allusions to think that the UMJC is theologically 'conservative' any more.

    1. Anonymous,

      Correct. For all intents and purposes, the UMJC is part of the Liberal Movement of Judaism.

    2. The ironic thing about this is, Dan Juster at his core is pretty evangelical, and the presence of 'old timers' like him is probably holding back the full liberal force.

  2. Pretty safe to conclude now that Leman's forthcoming Isaiah study will advocate multiple Isaiahs, then...

  3. So . . . Israel then has no right to the land, and their faith is based in/on ??????

    I am at a loss here.

    1. Ha! That's a good point! If the Bible is fraudulent as Leman claims, then it's fine for Israel to negotiate away the Land.

      But we know the Truth. Contrary to that evil doctrine (DH), the Patriarchs WERE real. And G-d will keep His promises! : )