Monday, July 29, 2013

Jenny Maher: A Truly Inspirational Person

"It was July 21, 2006, when I woke up in the emergency room, unable to sit up on my own or move my arms or legs."

That's the opening line in Jenny Maher's autobiography entitled "Never Give Up" (available at

My wife and I recently had the great pleasure to meet this courageous woman.  She's actually in our Sunday school class.  We just ordered her book from Amazon so I haven't read it yet.  But I read some of the preview.  It's astounding how many obstacles this woman has faced:

  • her father died at an early age;
  • her mother battled mental illness;
  • she was sexually abused in foster homes;
  • kicked out of the house;
  • woke up one day to find that she was paralyzed.

And I thought I had it bad.

Anyway, I've ordered this book and, judging from the preview I've already read, I recommend that everyone do the same.

Review forthcoming...



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