Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Embracing with the Right Hand, Pushing Away with the Left Hand: How Can Messianics Get Along with Proto-Messianic Christians?

In Tim Hegg's "A Community or a Congregation?  For What are We Striving?" (thanks Dan for the recommendation), Tim Hegg points out an interesting issue:

What are the differences between Christian and Messianic approaches to community?

He explains the differences in political structure (how Messianics are anti-hierarchy, electing to adopt the plural elder system used in ancient Judaisms and especially in the Apostolic writings) and why this is important for the generational aspect of community-building.

But the thing that poses the greatest potential social barrier between Messianics and proto-Messianic Christians (i.e. those Christians who are pro-Judaic but still identify as Christians), as I see it, is Hegg's point that the mitzvot are communal:

"...as one studies the Torah, it becomes evident that certain of the mitzvot cannot be obeyed apart from community involvement.  The very fact that the Shabbat as well as the Mo'edim (Appointed Times) require a 'sacred assembly'...points conclusively to this fact.  Or consider the mitzvah of wearing tzitzit.  This command involves not only wearing tzitzit but also looking upon them:  'It shall be tzitzit for you to look at and remember all the commandments of the LORD, so as to do them...(Numbers 15:39).  The 'you' in this sentence is plural in the Hebrew as are the following verbs...In other words, a person cannot fulfill the commandment of tzitzit by himself or herself..."


(1)  How does a proto-Messianic congregation transition to becoming a Torah-True Messianic community?

(2)  How can we all get along without offending one another?


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