Thursday, July 25, 2013

Responding to Derek Leman

"Beware of those who deny that Christianity is valid and argue essentially that everyone must become Hebrew Roots or Messianic.
Supposedly, Christians are all pagans worshipping the sun and bringing Christmas tree idols into their houses. This approach makes some Hebrew Roots groups a lot of money (always follow the money!). People love a message that makes them feel better than everyone else. This is counter to the Torah. Christianity is the movement of the righteous of the nations. We can be sad that Christianity has institutionalized anti-Judaism. But the solution is not anti-Christianity. We are to bless and not curse. The solution is to be a voice for the good in Christianity and reform of the less holy side of it. The church has done and is doing much good. The church always has and continues to do Torah (without calling it Torah) because Paul taught the church to keep Torah."  --Derek Leman (from:
I have an older brother.  Growing up, we used to get into fights.  That's what brothers do--they fight.  But no matter what happened, we still loved each other.

That's how I feel about Christians.

Though Christianity is anti-Judaic and syncretic, I love my Christian brothers.  And because I love them, I correct them. If we do not correct them then Torah says we hate them:
"You shall not hate your brother in your heart: you shall surely rebuke your neighbor, and not bear sin because of him." (Lev 19:17)
Now what happens if we "reform" Christianity so that it is (1) pro-Judaic and (2) free from pagan influence?


So the question is:  why doesn't Derek want Christians to become Messianic?

Also, notice how Derek relies on the term "church", as if Paul sent his letters to the local Baptist church.  In reality, the word mistranslated as "church" is "ekklesia", a term that all first-century Jews understood as primarily referring to Israel (for example, in Acts 7:38 Stephen refers to Israel at Sinai as the "Ekklesia").

Why does Derek perpetuate the idea that 'church' is something different than Israel?

I guess we'll never know Derek's intentions.  All we can know is that he is a false teacher.  And he resorts to some pretty low tactics (e.g. saying that Hebrew Roots teachers are in it for the money).

As for me, I'm going to keep fellowshipping with Messianics and Christians.  As a matter of fact, I'm currently attending a class on Colossians at a Baptist Church.  The teacher knows I'm Messianic and constantly seeks my input.  We have a very respectful relationship.

Here's a cool story:

...last night towards the end of the Colossians class, the teacher brought up phylacteries.  He asked me about them.  I briefly explained about them, how they contained the Shema.  So the teacher began to open his Bible and it flew open to the Shema!

Needless to say, he was a little stunned!  He described it as a "G-d moment".

This is just one small example of how G-d blesses the interactions between One-Law Messianics and Christians.

May G-d forgive the Derek Lemans, the Carl Kinbars, the Jamie Cowans, the Boaz Michaels--all those that spread false doctrines that divide the Body!

And to the Messianic Jews and non-Jews who promote the unity of the Body:

Chazak! Chazak! V'nitchazek!


  1. "Why does Derek perpetuate the idea that 'church' is something different than Israel?"

    Because he and MJ UMJC style are dispensationalist to the core. This is what they teach: Since all believers are members of the Church and Israel and the church are two different entities, That means that every Israelite who become a believer ceases to be an Israelite, he is only a church member...They don't even know what they teach....LOL!

    1. "They don't even know what they teach"

      So true. His statements are full of blatant contradictions.

  2. Tim Hegg calls it: Revers replacement theology....