Friday, July 5, 2013

We Are Kingdom Israelites!

There is a false dilemma confusing much of the Messianic world.

A Messianic who is immature (we've all been there), mistakenly believes that there are only two options regarding his identity:

"Either I am a Jew or a Gentile."

Now, to a Messianic, that latter option of Gentile-ness is completely unappealing in that Judaism (and the Apostolic Scripture) considers Gentile-ness to be something undesirable, something associated with idolatrous practices.  In fact, as Ephesians 2 indicates, the prevailing position in Judaism up until the first-century C.E. was that gentiles were excluded from the covenants of promise.  And in our time, with certain organizations treating Gentile Believers like second-class citizens, a Messianic has even more reason to be embarrassed about his ethnicity.

"Yes, I'll take the Jewish option, please."

Ah, how quickly the Messianic is then able to locate signs of Jewishness in his family tree!  I'm not making fun here--don't feel bad if you have done this!  

But as the Messianic matures, he realizes that the choice between Gentile-ness and Jewishness is a false dilemma.  In reality, there is yet another option:

A Gentile Believer is a non-Jewish member of Kingdom Israel....a Kingdom Israelite.

And this startling realization is an immediate source of comfort and clarity for the least until he figures out that certain large organizations within the Messianic movement do not share this perception.  The uncomfortable truth slowly dawns that groups like the UMJC consider him and his Gentile brood to be the ignorant Gentiles of Rabbinic Midrash who, being innately inferior to Jews, ungratefully rejected G-d's offer of the Torah.

Yes, the same Exclusionism that plagued pre-Acts 15 congregations in the first century C.E. still plagues many congregations today.

Fortunately, the Messianics have rallied.  The Inclusionist movement is alive and well in Messianic Judaism.  And, as many Christians doff their anti-Judaic identities and don pro-Judaic, Messianic identities, it has become apparent that this Inclusionist movement has the potential for growth on a truly global scale.  

May G-d bless all the Kingdom Israelites!!!  May G-d give you all courage and wisdom and peace!!!


  1. Well said, and good to hear this again and again; chosen to be in future kingdom! What a blessing! where the least will be great. There's no measure of such a salvation and greatness! Shalom from a goy.

    1. Shalom, brother! Are you from the Netherlands? I look forward to exploring your blog.



    2. Yes I am. Thank you for linking to my blog! Jos

    3. You're welcome! : )

      Blessings in Yeshua,