Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Why is Jacob Fronzcak (a Teacher at First Fruits of Zion) So Arrogantly Condescending Toward Messianics?

One of the core teachers over at First Fruits of Zion is a man named Jacob Fronzcak.  He currently holds the record (in my opinion) for one of the most arrogant, condescending, and misleading blog comments ever directed against "One Law" Messianics.  I'm going to quote his comment.  But first to provide a little context, let me say that you should also read the blog post by Derek Leman in which this awful comment occurs.  The post "We're Not All the Same" is a big straw-man attack on "One Law" Theology in which Derek, defending FFOZ's "Divine Invitation" says that it's good for Gentiles to eat pig and violate Shabbat.  Also, to keep in mind the scope of this false teaching, note that Derek Leman is the disciple of Carl Kinbar, one of the top-ranking leaders of the UMJC.

So, here's the link to the original post (note the promotions of FFOZ throughout) in which Derek Leman says that it's good for Gentiles to eat pig and violate Shabbat:


Now, let's examine Fronzcak's comment (remember he is one of the core teachers at FFOZ) in which he supports Derek's false teaching by attacking Messianics:

"Someone will be by to recapitulate McKee’s arguments without citing him in 3… 2… 1… 
Anyway, I think the answer to “Why do you want to say, ‘There is nothing special about God’s relationship with Israel and we are all the same’?” is deeply rooted in Christian theology, particularly in older denominations (Reformed, and I’m pretty sure Catholicism has a similar view), which hold that there is and has ever been only one people of God. These denominations see one hundred percent continuity between the OT “Israel” and NT “church.” Ethnic Jewishness doesn’t matter one bit; all believers, OT, NT, regardless of Jewishness, are exactly the same (Reformed theologians use the term “elect”). 
Of course, the Bible doesn’t teach this, but it’s easy to get that impression unless you’ve really studied. A lot of commentators point to Gal. 6:16 or 1 Peter 1-2 and assume “case closed” on this issue. People take it for granted that Jewishness doesn’t matter.
The Hebrew Roots
“spin” on this idea is that OT “Israel” was not a nation descended from the man Israel, but was an incorporated political entity of some kind that people automatically join when they attach themselves to Messiah. Again, you can only believe this if you ignore or reinterpret large sections of the Torah, the prophetic literature, the NT, etc. 
I think at its root this idea is just a manifestation of the desire to be special, to be as chosen as someone can be, to be unique. The “scandal of particularity” is that God chose an ethnic group to be His unique people and if you want to be part of that group, you have to join them on their terms and keep their laws as they have interpreted them (whether we are talking about structured Messianic Judaism or Rabbinic Judaism). Post-civil-rights generations think that if this were true it would make God a racist. And this is the term they use to beat anyone who disagrees with them, which is why I don’t respond to them anymore. 
I’m not convinced that Christian anti-semitism can’t be traced to this same attitude."


Apparently, Fronzcak and his cohorts are the only ones who have "really studied" and therefore arrived at the true interpretation of the Scripture as opposed to any sort of "reinterpretation".  Apparently, the leaders of "One Law" are just "ignorant."

But what really makes this comment the record-breaker for FFOZ arrogance is Fronzcak's sarcastic statement in the beginning, "Someone will be by to recapitulate McKee’s arguments without citing him in 3… 2… 1… "

Do you know that I had no idea who McKee was until I read this comment by Fronzcak?  So I guess something good did come from it!


If you are so learned and I, being a "One Law" adherent, am so "ignorant" and "unstudied" then perhaps you'd enjoy a public debate?  Let's have a public debate between two panels:  your people and my people.  It should be a walk in the park for you, yes?

I look forward to hearing from you.  : )




  1. There will be a cold day in July if this so-called "learned scholar" will respond.

    you see, Peter, long time ago FFOZ declared that they are "above the fray..." So they send their assassins like Derek and James to do the dirty work for them...I thought you knew that....

    1. It would be nice to have a cold day this July...

  2. Nice to see that you've finally dropped the nice-guy act, Peter.

    1. Am I being lectured to about pretenses from the one who ghost-wrote Boaz Michael's book "Twelve Gates"?